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Hi I'm Shruthi. I love to spend most of my time in the kitchen experimenting and creating new recipes that comes with twists and tastes never done before.

I take inspiration from my mom who always takes tips and recipes from my grandma and use it to design her own taste of food. Just like her I am following my Ma's footsteps. 

I am an Indian and love for spices runs in my blood. I love to throw in few twisty spices and herbs in any dish I make and always ensure to create it to perfection. Hence, the subject of the page, Twistpots.


I'm an Engineering student based in England and as saying goes, "engineers love to make things easy yet earns perfection in their own ways". Probably an inspiration I may have incorporated into my hobby as well. 

Hobbies and Interest

I love to cook, clean and has a huge thing for pastel colours. No OCD but it is an addiction beyond explanation 

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